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Unleash your voice, dominate the game: Elevate your gaming experience with our microphone.

Designed for gamers who demand clear communication and immersive sound, our gaming microphone delivers exceptional audio quality and precision. With advanced noise cancellation technology, it ensures your voice is loud and clear, while the ergonomic design and customizable features ensure comfort during long gaming sessions. Elevate your gaming experience with our gaming microphone and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Unrivaled Audio Quality: The TC310 features premium chips and core, coupled with expert tuning by engineers, resulting in ultra-low noise levels and a pure, clean sound. It delivers crystal-clear clarity and full-bodied sound, providing high-fidelity reproduction that brings your recordings to life. Whether you're a gamer, podcaster, or YouTuber, the TC310 ensures that your voice will be heard loud and clear. 

Vibrant RGB lighting: Here are 4 RGB modes to choose from, including six solid color static, single-color gradient, single-color breathing, and mix-color gradient. Simply tap the lighting icon on the device, select your favorite lighting effect, and create a stunning visual experience! 

Easy Light Control Convenient Sound Control: Easily mute it by tapping the top of the microphone, allowing you to turn off the microphone's sound during live streaming or gaming. Rotating the top of the microphone makes it easy to adjust the microphone's gain, ensuring that you maintain an appropriate volume at all times. 

Plug & Play Pop Filter: Enjoy clear communication with your teammates during gaming with the effective pop filter that prevents air flow noise. 

Unpraded Shock Mount: The shock mount is equipped with rubber bands that have strong elasticity, providing exceptional anti-vibration and reducing mechanical noise effectively.