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🧰 No welding is required to fasten metals 🧰

The Metal Repair Kit is the easiest and fastest way to repair cracked or damaged metal without welding and tension. The gel not only makes the repair perfect, but also has a long-lasting adhesion, is very effective and withstands high temperatures.

The metal repair kit has a multifunctional insert that is not limited to the metal surface. You can also use it on glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, etc. use. In addition, you can use it for quick bonding, casting defects, hardness, etc. use.

Why more and more people are using Metal Repair:

  • Versatile use: This metal repair can also be used on surfaces other than metal. Consider plastic, wood, glass, ceramics, etc. It can repair any damaged material.

  • Quick and easy to use: The process is very simple. Make sure the surface is well cleaned and distribute the gel extract on the damaged surface. Then let dry for half an hour and you're done.


  • Effective adhesive: This sealant has not only been developed as an alternative to welding, but also consists of epoxy resin, hardener and reactive thinner for strong and durable repairs.
  • High heat resistance: Another great factor is that this gel can withstand high temperatures (up to 150 °C). When the gel is fully cured, the surface is as hard as metal.


  • 1 x Paste set for permanent metal repair (100 g)